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Infant Training Teething Toys Baby Silicone Teether


Key Specifications/ Special Features:

New Product Eco-friendly BPA Free Baby Accessories Infant Training Teething Toys Baby Silicone Teether

. EASY GRIP FOR LITTLE HANDS and super lightweight making it simple for your baby to grasp, lift and develop their motor skills. If your baby is crying, feeling cranky and always looking to bite their fingers, it's time to get them the Teether Trees!

. YOU'VE JUST FOUND YOUR BABY'S FAVOURITE TEETHER! We've combined the best features of all teethers into this one design so you don't have to buy a million teethers before finding the right one for your baby! The Teether Trees can also be put in the refrigerator for an ice chill cooling effect on gums.

. SOFT TEXTURED AND EASY TO CLEAN! Your baby will love to chew on the the appealing textured surface that will massage and soothe their sore gums, providing them with instant relief and happiness. You can clean the teethers easily in the dishwasher, sterliser or with just water.

. PERFECTLY SHAPED TO FIT IN A SMALL MOUTH but also big enough to prevent gagging or choking. Nurtureland Teether Trees come in stimuating bright senosry colours for boys and girls, making them easy to find for you and for your newborn!

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